ghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award
Acrylic Bar Stools
SINCE 1965

acrylic awards, acrylic awardghost chairghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic awards, acrylic awardghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award

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Acrylic Award

Wouldn’t your employees love to receive a beautiful acrylic award made from the highest quality acrylic and personalized? Shop Muniz Plastics and get factory-direct pricing on one of the best selections of awards, trophies and plaques. To see their full line of awards, go to and see all of their styles.

Acrylic Awards

You’ll find a great selection of high quality acrylic awards for sale online at, with many styles, sizes and colors to choose from. For direct-from-the-factory pricing, be sure to stop by for affordable trophies, plaques and awards that can be specifically tailored to meet your needs. 

Acrylic Cocktail Tables

Muniz Plastics manufactures the most beautiful acrylic cocktail tables in the world, each piece having been cut, shaped, sanded and polished by hand. Visit to shop for stunning acrylic furniture including chairs, waterfall tables, sculptures and pedestals, ghost chairs, bar stools and more. You won’t believe what Muniz Plastics can do with acrylic.

Acrylic Cocktail Table

At Muniz Plastics, all of their acrylic furniture is custom made by hand. This means that every acrylic product is cut, shaped, sanded and polished by hand. If you’re looking for a stunning acrylic cocktail table to accent your home or office, visit to see their entire line of custom manufactured acrylic furniture.

Acrylic Console Table

The Megan Acrylic Console table from Muniz Plastics is made out of 2'' Thick Acrylic. The legs and the top are fused together. The legs are brought in for Beauty and Strength.  There are no screws or fasteners to obstruct the beauty of this table. If you’re searching for high-quality acrylic furniture, stop by Muniz Plastic’s website at and discover the beauty and function of acrylic furniture.

Acrylic Console Tables

Muniz Plastics manufactures some of the most beautiful acrylic console tables on the market, combining beauty with functionality for your home or office. Acrylic console tables are a great addition and accent to any room. If you have ideas or drawings, Muniz Plastics can custom manufacture an acrylic table to meet your unique needs. Call (305) 634-8848 if you have any questions.

Acrylic Table

Muniz Acrylic tables come in a variety of sizes to serve perfectly as a stylish dining table, cocktail, console, or end table. If you have something in mind as far as design, Muniz Plastics offers customized services to create just what you want. Each Muniz acrylic table is a created to last for years as a center piece of furniture that will have everyone impressed. To place an order, visit or call (305) 634-8848.

Acrylic Chairs

Stackable acrylic ghost chairs are an easy solution for accommodating large events or even modern seating in a home. Muniz Plastics produces high quality acrylic chairs that offer elegance and comfort at the same time, serving both formal and informal needs. Stop by the website at to see their entire line of beautiful acrylic chairs and furniture for your everyday needs.

Acrylic Chair

Muniz Plastics has been designing and creating high quality lucite furniture products since 1965. Each unique piece of furniture that they sell is sure to make an impressive statement, whether you’re looking for an acrylic chair for your home or office or a bar stool for your business or kitchen bar. Visit to see their entire line of acrylic furniture or call (305) 634-8848 to speak with an expert.

Acrylic Bar Stools

Looking at options for home kitchen seating? Muniz Plastics carries quality acrylic bar stools that will wow your guests and guarantee comfort at any meal. Muniz Plastics’ beautiful Venice acrylic bar stools make a grand statement and are an affordable addition to your existing decor. See the complete collection at Muniz Plastics online.

Acrylic Desks

Shop for beautiful acrylic desks online at Muniz Plastics and enjoy exceptional style and value in their highly functional furniture. Muniz Plastics’ Acrylic Writing Desk features a convenient pull-out drawer and comes standard at 22” x 50” x 30” tall. Made with a high gloss white top and 1” side panels, this unique writing desk is sure to add to the decor of any room.

Acrylic Furniture

Shopping for furniture? You’re going to love the amazing acrylic furniture available from Muniz Plastics. Don’t let the name fool you, acrylic is anything but ordinary plastic. Stylish and sleek acrylic furniture can transform the look of any room from plain to spectacular. Browse the complete inventory on the Muniz Plastics website.

Acrylic Plaques

If your company’s corporate awards are starting to all look alike, we invite you to see why Muniz Plastics is one of the most popular online sites for acrylic plaques. New acrylic awards and plaques from Muniz Plastics are available in full color printing. Add your custom logo to any award or plaque for a truly unique look. Choose quality- make it Muniz Plastics.

Acrylic Table Set

Beautiful full acrylic table sets are available from Muniz Plastics at affordable prices you won’t believe. Contemporary acrylic tables and chairs are the ultimate in sophistication and style. Check out the complete selection on the Muniz Plastics website, including their Spiral Dining set, Tiffany Chairs, Monaco Dining set, Super Burst Acrylic Dining Tables, Olivia Dining sets and many others.

Acrylic Tables

If you’re looking at acrylic tables, take a closer look at why Muniz Plastics is the leaders in the industry. Beautiful Chloe Acrylic Console tables are the epitome of elegance and beauty; in fact, acrylic is every bit as beautiful as glass but offers tremendous durability as well. Feel free to visit the Muniz Plastics website to browse their complete line of acrylic tables.

Ghost Chair

Transform any room in your home into something truly extraordinary with an acrylic ghost chair by Muniz Plastics. Ghost chairs are not only exceptionally beautiful, they are highly functional and comfortable as well. Check out the online selection of Muniz acrylic ghost chairs and take advantage of their special deal: purchase 4 elegant ghost chairs for $499.

Lucite Chairs

Muniz Plastics’ elegant acrylic chairs are not your typical lucite chairs! If you’re looking for affordable value, Muniz Plastics carries some of the most durable and elegant acrylic furniture you’ll find for sale, including their magnificent acrylic ghost chairs, acrylic dining sets, cocktail tables, waterfall tables, bar stools and much more. Stop by the Muniz Plastics website to see their full line of products.

Lucite Desk

Are you shopping for a lucite desk? Make your next stop Muniz Plastics online and see why they’re considered the master acrylic manufacturers. You’ll love their versatile and functional acrylic desk that is anything but your typical lucite desk! Take a closer look by clicking on ‘Acrylic Desk’ or call their toll free number 800-525-1580 to speak with a specialist.

Lucite Furniture

Great lucite furniture is found by shopping at custom acrylic manufacturers. Muniz Plastics carries a terrific selection of beautiful and durable acrylic chairs, tables, desks, dining sets, benches, bar stools and many other items as well. Shop online where quality matters the most. Muniz Plastics has what you’re looking for- at unbeatable prices.

Lucite Table

Find the perfect lucite table on the Muniz Plastics website and own the elegant acrylic table you’ve always wanted for less than you imagined. Shop Muniz Plastics’ website for incredible acrylic waterfall tables, console tables, cocktail tables, dining sets and more. Muniz Plastics is where function meets beauty, for a look you’ll love living with.

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 ghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award