ghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award
Acrylic Bar Stools
SINCE 1965

acrylic awards, acrylic awardghost chairghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic awards, acrylic awardghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award

Acrylic Award

Here at Muniz Plastics we take great pride in our Acrylic Award selection. We have a wide variety of award types to choose from, including trophies, plaques, paper weights, and Lucite awards, and each style comes in many different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. We do offer the option to custom make Acrylic awards for events, special occasions, or individual purposes for a more personalized result.
  Muniz specialises in laser engravement services and our laser engraving is included in our Acrylic award pricing with no extra cost. We also have custom designing; for a one time fee of thirty-five dollars we can help you set up your own logo for an award. For special pricing, if you have an order of twenty-five Acrylic pieces or more please contact Muniz Plastics and we will offer you a special deal on our original prices.
   Our Acrylic awards now come with the new option for full color printing, to add extra elegance and originality to your Acrylic award. Muniz Plastics has been making beautiful Acrylic products since 1965, giving us over fifty years of experience in quality craftsmanship. Each of our Acrylic awards, whether standard or custom made, is carefully polished and sanded by hand to ensure that every piece is just right.
  Muniz Plastics has a huge selection of Acrylic awards, but we also have plenty of experience in making other items such as Acrylic furniture, pedestals, and even sculptures. Other products we make include waterfall tables, dining sets, lamps, bar stools, and our specially crafted ghost chairs.
  Muniz Plastics offers worldwide shipping for all of our products including our Acrylic awards and on certain items we even offer free shipping across the nation.
  Here at Muniz Plastics we want to make sure you get exactly the item you are looking to buy. That's why if we do not have just what you are looking for in our selection, please email us or give us a call and we will craft to your specific design a beautiful custom made Acrylic award personalized to fit your needs.
  The Acrylic awards that we make here at Muniz Plastics are made with only the finest and highest quality Acrylic materials and every piece is shaped and brought to life by hand. Our specially made plaques, trophies, and paper weights are just the thing to add that extra spark of elegance and flair to any type of office setting, trophy case or to show appreciation, or celebrate an achievement.
  Some of the many styles our Acrylic awards come in are diamond shapes, frozen flames, wave patterns, tall rectangles, large and small diamond, and many more, and all designs come in many different colors to make any one of our Acrylic awards just a little bit more fancy and original, and each piece does include free laser engraving in the pricing.
  For more information or if you have questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call today. Our email address is and our telephone number is (305)-634-8848, or you can call us toll free and that number is 1-(800)-525-1580.
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Acrylic Award

 ghost chair, ghost chairs, acrylic awards, acrylic award