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  • Acrylic Bar Stools
Acrylic Barstools
Venice Acrylic Bar stool      
30" in Height - Available in different Heights.  
Shown in:  
3" thick hand polished Acrylic legs make this bar stool special.  
  This bar stool will sparkle in any setting.      
Available with different fabrics and colors.  
Acrylic Barstools
"Acrylic No Back Bar stool "   "Acrylic Mushroom Bar stool"  
  Reference:   Reference:  
  #175   #150  
  "Acrylic Regular Bar stool"   "Acrylic Scallop Bar stool"  
  Reference:   Reference:  
    #100   #JM-125  
Acrylic Bar
"Acrylic Tiffany Bar stool"   "Acrylic Bar with Light"  
  Reference:   Reference:  
  #JM-400   #6323  
  Shown in:   Shown in:  
Available 24" or 30"
Available White
Available with different backs
  Black or Almond  
Acrylic Bar stools
"DM Acrylic  Bar stools"  
  #DM-340 (left)      
  #DM-110 (center)      
  #DM-310 (right)      


  • Acrylic Bar Stools